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Pure Beeswax Candle

340 g / 12 oz.

Leone’s luxurious candles are hand-made in Beverly Hills from the brand's heritage golden beeswax and cotton wicks. Housed in a hand-carved, genuine marble vessel imported from Italy, each candle is exquisite and unique. 

Burning & Care

The first burn is the most important. To begin, let your candle burn for approximately three hours until the top layer of wax is liquified from edge to edge. Wick should be trimmed to a length of 1/8 inch each time before lighting.

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Candle Scent:



A spark kindles the timid flame as the beach tide surrenders its soul to the night. As the stars grace the sky, the passionate flickers dance the night away until the early morning, romancing their guests with vanilla whispers and the soft breaths of the surrounding sandalwood trees. 

Top Notes: Sea Salt Breeze Accord, Grapefruit, Lime Blossom

Heart Notes: Clove Bud, White Flint Accord

Base Notes: French Vanilla, Sandalwood, Cedar


Polo Lounge 

A shrine to secrets of mankind, delightful musky air teases the wood carved furniture while taunting the constellations that adorn the walls of this amber cave. Ecstasy fills the lungs as the sultry and evocative shadows caress the skin. Many may enter but few will leave.

Top Notes: Cedar

Heart Notes: Leather

Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Amber



Strolling along the French Riviera, one could only get swept away by the sea breeze and the exotic flowers entrancing the Mediterranean air. Skirts dancing in the wind while sounds of laughter drown out the sea foamed waves. Vendors peddling delectable slices of fresh fruit to plump faces and children stealing sweet cakes from the bakeries. Silhouettes prance in the streets getting lost in the warm embrace of divine happiness.

Top Notes: Sweet Peach, Exotic Ylang

Heart Notes: Tuberose, Gardenia

Base Notes: Vanilla, Jasmine



Egyptians, Greeks and Romans revered the jasmine flower and considered it royalty. The exotic blend of floral and sweetness intertwine gracefully to create a transcendence which humans could only aspire to duplicate. For one brief moment, mere mortals bask in godly redolence and wander the heavens. 

Top Notes: Jasmine

Heart Notes: Musk

Base Notes: Frangipani 



The brisk fragrance of lemon trees dances through the air. Sugar cookies bake in the oven, delicate leaves murmur of the birds and the bees which tickle the ear drums. Nostalgia overcomes all of the senses, as if transporting one back to childhood. 

Top Notes: Lemon, Sweet Orange

Heart Notes: Lily of the Valley

Base Notes: Amber



A mysterious aroma that fills the air with a subtle warmth. The allure of dark black cassis combined with a woody oak is a romantic treat on your senses that leaves you wanting more. 

Top Notes: Fig

Heart Notes: White Rose

Base Notes: Black Cassis, Oak 


Monte Cristo 

Exuding classic charm and polished refinement, the intoxicating scent of tobacco leaves dances with warm vanilla bean to create a sophisticated fragrance. With a fire burning, and brandy in hand, the sweet and spicy aroma deserves only the finest of company.  

Top Notes: Vanilla bean

Heart Notes: Cinnamon, Clove

Base Notes: Tobacco Leaf



 Take an entrancing walk through the forest with this striking blend of black teakwood, amber and jasmine. An alluring fragrance that is sure to invite feelings of warmth and passion.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Cardamom

Heart Notes: Jasmine, Lily of the Valley

Base Notes: Amber, Teakwood